Bobby Pro anti-theft backpack

Šifra: P705.242

Kategorija: Rančevi Rančevi

81.88 €
  • Recycled polyethylene terephthalate, Polyurethane

  • 29

  • 16

  • 44.5

  • 29 x 16 x 44.5 cm

  • 1200

  • 1623

  • 33.4 x 18.9 x 46.9 cm

  • 69 x 60 x 49 cm

Pro will keep you safe, organised and connected with many new and unique features. It has adjustable internal dividers which allow you to divide your backpack content in many different ways.
The patented fid lock system on the shoulder strap gives you quick and easy access to your phone or bottle/coffee cup. Additionally, the backpack has an integrated USB charging port, extendable key chain, hidden zippers, RFID protected pockets and cut proof
PP board protection.
Pro is also sustainable, made with AWARE™ tracer. With AWARE™, the use of genuine recycled fabric materials and water reduction impact claims are guaranteed, by using the AWARE disruptive physical tracer and blockchain technology. Each
Pro saves 16 litres of water and reuses 27 plastic bottles. Registered design®

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