Urban Vitamin Belmont wireless headphone

Šifra: P329.761

Kategorija: Reklamni materijal

48.34 €


  • Acrylonitril Butadieen Styrene (ABS), Polyurethane

  • 16.4

  • 8.4

  • 18.8

  • 16.4 x 8.4 x 18.8 cm

  • 189.2

  • 687.2

  • 21.8 x 23.5 x 9 cm

  • 46.6 x 45 x 26 cm

The bass, you don't just hear it, you feel it.
Press the bass button on the side of the headphone to get an extra boost. Lose yourself in the rich and clear sound.
This is the ultimate all day headphone with an impressive 35 hour play time.
The sleek, streamlined over-ear design makes this headphone perfect to wear all day. Fold the headphone into a portable size to bring it along with you in your bag or even your jacket pocket. If someone calls you simply answer it with the integrated mic. Urban Vitamin items are made without
PVC and packed in plastic reduced packaging.

Pad Print,Digital Print 1


  • 20 x 30 mm

  • 5

  • https://static.xdconnects.com/ProductDecorationImages/P329.761__PadPrint_itemsideleft__c0ba39c9fe13455f8d51aca0e5ca4dd9.png'>

  • https://static.xdconnects.com/ProductImages/Large/P329.761__D_100__3924e2f57a2b4dbd91f465cbea332d11.jpg'>

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