Flex Gym bag

Šifra: P705.801

Kategorija: Reklamni materijal

90.00 €


  • Recycled polyethylene terephthalate, Polyurethane

  • 30

  • 14

  • 46

  • 30 x 14 x 46 cm

  • 1186.5

  • 1699.5

  • 33 x 16.5 x 47.5 cm

  • 69 x 37.5 x 51 cm

Flexible and practical, the Flex Gym bag is the first business backpack and gym bag in one. Quickly convert this backpack from business to gym style by expanding the front pocket from 16 to 24 litres.
The anti-theft design with no front access and hidden zippers in the main compartment will ensure that you carry your professional devices securely. With the RFID-protected pocket on the back, you can safely store your wallet, cell phone, or credit cards. Additionally, this backpack keeps you powered with a fast USB charging port on the shoulder strap where you can also find a sunglasses holder.
The Flex Gym bag is the perfect backpack whether you are on your way to work, university, or the gym.
Made from R-pet fabric with the AWARE™ tracer. With AWARE™, the use of genuine recycled fabric is guaranteed. 42% recycled content. Registered design®

Screen Transfer OS,Digital Transfer OS,Embroidery


  • 180 x 140 mm

  • 6

  • https://static.xdconnects.com/ProductDecorationImages/P705.801__ScreenTransferOS_itemfrontup__2350448f1c9a45cdb7a1630d2cfcf347.png'>

  • https://static.xdconnects.com/ProductImages/Large/P705.801__D_100.jpg'>

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